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Dear guests,


If you are reading these few lines, it means you have accepted our invitation to the concert and discovered the notebook we placed on your seats as a keepsake of this exceptional evening and anniversary. 


What a pleasure to count you amongst us tonight!


2023 is a special year for PwC Luxembourg as our firm will celebrate the 25th anniversary of the merger between Price Waterhouse, Coopers & Lybrand, but also, Treuarbeit in Luxembourg. 


Organising such an exceptional philharmonic concert with more than 140 musicians and singers on stage here, at Crystal Park, was a challenge. At the time I am writing those lines, I can only hope everything will run as smoothly as planned.


To remember this evening, we also wanted to leave a trace, thus we created this dedicated website where you will find not only an audio recording of Symphony No. 9 but also a video recording filmed at the Philharmonie de Luxembourg (May 2022).

Within a few days, this website will also host photos from the evening, so do not hesitate to come to check the page.


Dear friends, clients, and colleagues, let's start the next 25 years together on the right note!


François Mousel

Managing Partner

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